Lyrics: Tutankhamen

  1. ホーム
  2. 歌詞
  3. Angels Fall First

歌詞 - Tutankhamen

As the sun sets beyond the pyramid
To greet me with its rays
I place my hand on my forehead
To see your chariots' flames

Watch me kneel before you
Hear the cats meowing in the temple
They yearn for the milk you cascaded
As I yearn your promised treasure

Treasure of
I am the one it is
Take me with you
Through the stargate
To the valley of the kings

Sacrifice me
And let me be your queen
Take me
Tonight and always
We'll breed to fill all earth

Three millenniums it took me to guard your rest
Your slumber in mighty Phoenix's nest
But tonight the darkness in the tomb has perished
For Carter has come to free my beloved

Treasure of...

Sacrifice me...


valley of the kings
考古学者 Howard Carter(ハワード・カーター)。前述の王家の谷でカーターの手による発掘が行われ、1922年にツタンカーメン王の墓が未盗掘の状態で発見された。