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Anette、古巣 Alyson Avenue の最新作にゲスト参加

Alyson Avenue “Changes”

Anette がかつて参加した Alyson Avenue の最新作 “Changes”

Anette が Nightwish に採用される以前に参加していた Alyson Avenue はその後に Arabella Vitanc を迎えて活動していましたが、6月10日にリリース予定のニュー・アルバム“Changes”では Anette がゲストとしてバッキング・ボーカルを担当しています。

We are very happy to inform you that our 3:rd record is done!

The album, called CHANGES, will be released through our record label Avenue of Allies on the 10:th of June world wide. We are extremly happy with the outcome of the record and big part of that owes to Chris Laney who has been co-producer on the record. Chris has previously produced H.E.A.T., CRAZY LIXX, BRIAN ROBERTSON e.t.c. and has done a great job on the record.

We are also blessed by a lot of guests on the record including a duet with Michael Bormann and a blazing guitar solo by Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, Marcello – Vestry).

Anette Olzon (Nightwish, ex-Alyson Avenue), Tommy Stråhle and Mike Andersson (Cloudscpae, Planet Alliance) has all contributed with vocal parts on the record.

Mats Edstöm (Shiva) has written one song on the album and Fredrik Berg (Street Talk, Bloodbound) has co-written a song with Niclas.

A big thanks also to Raimo & Sanna at “Photo by Gedda” for a great job.

We are extremly eager for you to hear CHANGES and can´t wait to the 10:th of June when it will be avaliable to you all!

/Alyson Avenue

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