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Nightwish -show in Munich was sold out so it has been moved to bigger place called Zenith.


Nightwish and Spinefarm Records have started their work on the new Nightwish DVD. The release-date in Finland is May 26th 2003. Click here to read more.


Read this page to see what the band-members are doing during their "break". Latest update includes links and release dates.


Nightwish will have two last shows for their "Century Child" -World Tour in Germany: 11.01.2003 in Oberhausen (Konig-Pilsener-Arena) and 12.01.2003 in Munich (Colosseum). After these shows the next possible shows will be festival shows in summer / autumn 2003.


Nightwish is performing live for the first time in Sweden. Concert place is Klubben in Stockholm and concert date is Saturday 16.11.2002.
The capacity of Klubben is 700 people. If Saturday is sold out, there will probably be a show also on Sunday 17.11.2002.
Ticket price is 210 SEK and advance sale is handled by


Nightwish -single "Ever Dream" has sold platinum in Finland! Congratulations, Nightwish!!


Yesterday's (28.8) webcast from sold out Nightwish -gig in Amsterdam Paradiso -club had so many viewers at the same time and the webcast was very difficult or impossible to see. Fabchannel start to view the show again starting 30th August. So go to the to see it again with (hopefully) better performance!!!


Nightwish's South-American tour has been a BIG success so far. The tour started in Chile on July 17th where they played a sold-out concert. The concert in Buenos Aires had 2200 visitors and the show in Sao Paulo was sold out with 6700 people. Nightwish's new album "Century Child" was released in Brazil last monday and the first edition was sold out after the first day!!!


Nightwish's second single of Century Child, "Bless The Child", was released in Finland today. It contains the title song, an edit of the track and the previously unreleased song "Lagoon".
On August 26th, Drakkar Records will release the single also in Germany. There will be two versions of the single which has a slightly different tracklist than the Finnish one. The normal release includes the title track and the two songs "Lagoon" and "The Wayfarer", which have not been released in Germany before. There will also be a limited DVDplus of the single which includes three DVD-videotracks in addition to the audio content. The videos are "Over The Hills And Far Away" "Bless The Child" and a 30-minute interview.


Finally you can pay your Nightwish-Shop orders with credit card! We accept VISA and EURO/MASTERCARD -cards. Secured paysite is handled by finnish LUOTTOKUNTA so using your card is very safe and simple. Welcome to Nightwish-Shop!!


Now you can order new "Century Child" shirts and hoodies. Check out now!


If you´ve ordered "Century Child 2CD SPECIAL EDITION" from Nightwish -Shop and you´ve NOT payed your order yet, please don't. That version was sold out from Nightwish -Shop much earlier and much faster than we thought. If you want to change the Special to normal version then just send your money for your order and remember to include a note which tells us to send you a normal version instead of Special Version. If you have anything to ask, please write to Normal version is still on sale.


Nightwish's album "Century Child" has sold platinum in Finland (30.000 copies) in less than two weeks! It has also set a new record in the history of the official Finnish charts: No album has ever been this superior compared to the second place.


Nightwish is number one on Finnish Official Chart. "Century Child" is #1 on album chart and "Ever Dream" is #1 on single chart!!


If you have bought the 2CD special edition of Nightwish's "Century Child" you will find a personal code in the booklet. With this code you will be able to download Nightwish's very first three-track demo and the whole album to play on your computer. You can find the download link from here.


Nightwish's new CD "Century Child" has sold gold two hours (!) after the release on last friday.


Tuomas' videofeelings about Century Child and Ever Dream. Click here.


Nightwish's new single "Ever Dream" has sold gold TWO days after release in Finland!!


The upcoming Nightwish-single "Ever Dream" will include a cover-version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic "Phantom Of The Opera". In addition to the title-song "Ever Dream", the single will contain the song "Wayfarer", which will be released as a bonus-track on the Japanese version of "Century Child".


Nightwish will take a break of at least one year after this year's "Century Child" world tour. The reason is Tarja's opera studies in Germany. This should set an end to the rumors of Nightwish breaking up. However, this means that if you don't see Nightwish live this year, you will have to wait a long time for the next chance.


Ever wanted to know more about Nightwish's crew? We have opened a new section where you can learn more about some of the people working in the background. (This section is not complete yet, the missing files will be added as soon as they are complete.)


The all new Discussion Board is open! It runs on our very reliable server, has an improved structure and best of all: no more pop-ups or advertisements of any kind! Register your name now and enjoy...


Nightwish started to record their upcoming album in Finnvox with drum recording, and drums are ready now. The session continues in Kitee and in March they will go back to Finnvox to record vocals and mixing. The upcoming album includes 11 new songs and one cover -song. The still nameless album has a theme, but Tuomas doesn't call it a "concept" -album. The album has also more authentic string-sounds. If everything goes right, new album is out at the end of May/beginning of June 2002.


The international Nightwish -Shop is finally open. You can order cds, dvds, shirts etc. from Nightwish -shop easily. You are welcome to check out our new online shop!!


The NTSC-version of Nightwish's DVD "From Wishes To Eternity" is now available! Questions & orders to: Check also the website PHD Canada.


Marco talks about the past, present and future...


The long-awaited NTSC-version of Nightwish's DVD "From Wishes To Eternity" will be released by The Foundry / PHD Canada in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The DVD will contain the same material as the european version. The disc is set to be released on November 27th but might bedelayed by a week.


Nightwish has gone through some changes that are necessary for the band`s existence and future. Read more...


The sales of Nightwish's single "Over The Hills And Far Away" have reached the platinum mark of 10.000 sold copies in Finland! The CD has been in the Top 2 of the official Finnish single charts for 11 weeks now - five weeks on Number One. Congratulations, Nightwish !!!!


As you can see we gave a new face. Many things have been updated and improved but the basic structure is still the same. You should not have any problems to find what you are looking for.


Latest news reveal that Nightwish will be shooting a video to "Over The Hills And Far Away" before their Russian tour. The video will be filmed in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This time the whole band will appear in the video, not only Tarja.


Nightwish's DVD "From Wishes To Eternity" has entered the german music-DVD charts at Number One !!! It is also on Number 4 in the charts of overall DVD sales !!!


Nightwish's MCD "Over The Hills And Far Away" is number one again in the Official Finnish single charts. Another great news from Finland is that the album "Oceanborn" (released 1998) entered the Official Finnish album charts again. Congratulations, Nightwish!


Nightwish's new CD "Over The Hills And Far Away" is on No. 97 in the german album charts. As explained in July 6th's news, this placement does not include the sales of the limited edition DVD+. The CD also entered the album charts in Austria (No. 53) and Switzerland (No. 88).


The german limited edition DVD+ "Over The Hills And Far Away" is on No. 1 in the official german music DVD charts. Since the album has DVD-tracks as a bonus, the disc is considered a normal DVD by Media Control. Therefore the sales of the ltd. edition digipack are not added to those of the audio CD "Over The Hills And Far Away", which is on No. 85 in the official german album charts.


After being on No. 1 in the official finnish single charts for three weeks, Nightwish's new mini-CD "Over The Hills And Far Away" has already sold gold.


Nightwish has been nominated for the "german Grammy", the Echo award. They are nominated for "Best New Rock/Metal" along with Guano Apes, Such A Surge, Hammerfall and Soulfly.


On February 6th, Century Media has released the album Wishmaster in the USA. The albums Angels Fall First and Oceanborn will follow on march 6th.


In addition to the DVD, the Tampere gig of December 29th 2000 will be released as a limited edition audio-CD (10.000 copies) and VHS-tape (1.000 copies).


The sales of the newest Nightwish album, Wishmaster, have reached the platinum mark (40.000 copies) in Finland!

2000/11/01 / 2000/11/04

Nightwish's gig in Ebersbrunn, Germany, has been cancelled because of Tarja's illness. However, all the other shows will happen. Remember to check the latest changes from our Tour Info page.


Late breaking news reveal that Nightwish has signed a contract with Spinefarm Records to release a DVD.


Next spring, from 16th to 24th of March, Nightwish will be at the Finnvox Studios with Mikko Karmila to record two new songs plus one cover (which hasn't been decided yet). The songs will come out on a new MCD together with two live tracks recorded in Sao Paulo.


The South American tour is going well. All shows so far have been sold out and the band tells that they have been treated "like royalty". Check out the discussion board for gig reports and other info!

Nightwish's Wishmaster is now number 3 in the Official Finnish Charts and number 22 in the Official German Charts!

Nightwish's new album WISHMASTER is NUMBER 1 in The Official Finnish Charts!!

The new Nightwish album WISHMASTER will hit the stores in May 2000 (release date: 29th, in Finland: 19th)
The album will be released in Germany, Austria & Switzerland by DRAKKAR RECORDS.
WISHMASTER was recorded at FINNVOX and CAVEROCK STUDIOS in Finland and mixed by "the metal guru" MIKKO KARMILA.

Nightwish will tour South America for two weeks in July 2000.

European tour for "WISHMASTER" in September - October 2000.

The band will get their gold discs for the Finnish sales of "OCEANBORN" album and the three CD-singles "SACRAMENT OF WILDERNESS", "WALKING IN THE AIR" and "SLEEPING SUN" in late May 2000!

The pre-release sale of "sleeping sun" in Germany 13.000 copies!!!!

Nightwish will start their European tour on 11. November. We will publish the giglist as soon as we get it. So stay tuned!


Oceanborn will be released in following countries this spring: Japan, Germany, France, Malaysia, South-Korea, Taiwan, Poland.


The single "Sacrament Of Wilderness" is number 1 again on Finnish official single chart. Nightwish's older single "The Carpenter" is number three. So, two singles on the TOP 3. Not


"Oceaborn" is now number 5 in Finnish official chart.


"Oceanborn" is number 6 in Finnish official chart.


Nightwish was rewarded as the best newcomer in The Mighty Metal Music Awards '98 in Tavastia, Helsinki.


Nightwish played live in a Finnish charts show.


The Single "Sacrament Of Wilderness" is number 1 in Finnish official single chart.


Oceanborn is number 28 in Finnish official chart.


New album "Oceanborn" was released.

"Oceanborn" will be released also in Japan. The record company has confirmed this but the date has not been decided yet.


The Sacrament Of Wilderness -single was released.


New video of Nightwish was filmed on the 13th November and it was called "Sacrament Of Wilderness".

The Carpenter -video was included in "Beauty In Darkness" -video compilation.

The official homepage was opened in October 1997. The finnish pages were opened in December 1997.

The first album was released in November 1997 and it was called "Angels Fall First". It was also released as a limited edition version.

The first single "The Carpenter" was released in fall 1997. The same song is also on the Metalliliitto compilation.